Host a School Choice Informational Event

Many Californians have lots of questions about the School Choice 2020 initiative and how it will impact education in our state. That’s why we’re encouraging supporters to host informational events in their own neighborhoods and communities.

Hosting an event is super simple:

  1. Pick a time and place. Could be your home, church, school or even a coffee shop.
  2. Create a list of friends and family to invite. The ideal number of attendees is 10 – 15.
  3. Submit your event to School Choice 2020 using the form on the right.
  4. Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you to help plan the event.
  5. You can keep your event private or we can post it on our website. Your choice!
  6. Send out your invitations via email and social media. We can provide an invitation template.
  7. Host your event.
    • Keep it simple. You may choose to provide light snacks and refreshments.
    • We’ll provide a “Team Leader” who will give a short talk about the initiative, the qualification process and how to get involved.
    • Questions will be answered and your guests will have the opportunity to sign up to get involved… and hopefully volunteer to host their own event!


Why these events are important:

  • Educating and informing voters is crucial to mitigating the inevitable misinformation campaign.
  • We need to grow our numbers quickly. The initiative will be submitted to the State Attorney General in mid-July.  45 days later he will issue “Title and Summary”. At that point (early September) the clock starts: we will have 180 days to get 1.5 million signatures to qualify the initiative for the November 2020 ballot. So the grassroots army must be ready to go on September 1st!