Contribute to School Choice 2020

School Choice 2020 is a non-profit political action group formed to qualify a comprehensive education reform initiative for the November 2020 California Statewide Ballot. As with all groups who engage in political action, contributions to School Choice 2020 are not tax-deductible. By educating California voters about the benefits of School Choice, we believe we can build consensus and revolutionize education in California.

Contributions to School Choice 2020 are used to fund:

  • A fully operational campaign headquarters
  • Radio Free Los Angeles, a weekly radio program on KRLA AM870
  • Website and social media management
  • Campaign materials
  • Activist training
  • Community events and voter outreach

Please choose a contribution level:

$5 / month
$10 / month
$20 / month
$30 / month
$50 / month
One-time: any amount